Inspiring Quotes 2 of 6 pages

The source of negativity can be overcome
through the energy of love.

Find silence if you want wisdom,
for within silence wisdom speaks.
Do not measure yourself by other peoples measuring sticks,
this is your life create your own sense of worth and recognise
both the good and not so good in you, recognition is a step forward.
If we understood the power of our thoughts, we would guard them
more closely. If we understood the huge / awesome power
of our words we would prefer silence to anything negative.
We are here to help and care for each other.
Without Love in our hearts and
souls, we are nothing.

Do not look down and condemn any man for their weakness,
take their hand, give them hope and something
to strive for, with faith they will respond

There are no tricks, short-cuts or gimmicks to get to 'heaven',
the path is Pure and simple.

What distorts many people is a lack of Love.