Inspiring Quotes 4 of 6 pages

Do not look for your identity in the way others respond to you.

We feed our bodies and we can also feed our souls
with prayers, positive thoughts, words and deeds.

We all have choices in life; we can choose to be kind or cruel, forgiving
or vengeful, generous or miserly, compassionate or judgemental,
what would you choose?

The strongest poison to the human spirit is the inability to forgive
yourself or another person.

Forget bad experiences in life, to forgive is not to condone.

Interpret all situations and relationships as having a symbolic importance,
even if you can't immediately understand what it is.

Do not keep seeking advice from others; listen to your own intuition;
this is your true guide.

Hands that help are holier than hands that pray.

The most valuable thing in life is your soul,
what if you gain the whole world
but lose your own eternal soul in the process.

Gather not the treasures of life, which will rust and decay,
gather the treasure of your soul that never decays and is eternal.